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The CS Society at Ashoka is a rapidly growing space for like-minded people to come together, explore and nurture their interests in Computer Science. The Society has 3 main verticals covering CS Research, Data Structures and Algorithms, Software Development, Machine Learning and much more.

Over the past years, we have conducted multiple interactive workshops, panel discussions, competitions and other events for the CS community on campus and beyond. Among the more notable events, we've partnered with DigitalOcean and CodeChef to conduct various competitions and events throughout the year, conducted Google's ExploreML program on campus and are currently working on Ashoka's first-ever hackathon, RedBrick Hacks. In the past, we've invited guest speakers from our Microsoft Research India, Stanford University and even our own CS faculty.

For the future, we plan on increasing the number of innovative events and taking more steps towards building a healthy community of interdisciplinary computer science enthusiasts.

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