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Exploring CS Research with Prof Debayan

Exploring CS Research with Prof Debayan

This session was organized by the Research Wing of the Computer Science Society on the 7th of February, 2021. This was an informative session for the entire student body by Professor Debayan Gupta, Assistant Professor at Ashoka University, about how Computer Science research works at Ashoka. Professor Debayan also talked about interdisciplinary research and its importance in the current day. It was an hour long session with 70+ attendees. If you wish to watch the recording of this session, email us on

About CS Research

Research is something that’s often interpreted as boring and intimidating. This session was organized solely for the purpose of helping it become more accessible to student, promoting the idea that “research is for everyone”. This session also helped debunk several myths the students had, like the fact that students in their first year cannot participate in CS Research while actually, they can.

Research Wing

The research wing of the CS society works on organizing events like this and conducting several other projects, ranging from facilitating research to organizing reading groups. The membership for the research wing is open: one can simply join the WhatsApp group where all the announcements are made. Email us for more info!

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