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Core Inductions!

Core Inductions!

The Computer Science Society is gearing up for it’s biggest update yet - we’re fixing some bugs, adding some features, and above all, striving to make the CS Society a more inclusive and more enjoyable experience for everyone.

But before we get to that, we recognized the need to expand our voice, to create a more diverse body of members, so that the new update is representative of you! Hence, we are opening inductions to The Computer Science Society’s Core Team.

Each of the three wings has their own core team that together make up the Society’s Core Team. The three wings are:

  • Development and Machine Learning - Join us to help plan and conduct workshops and events aimed at learning new languages, platforms and developing new applications. Current Leadership: Tanvi Roy (PoC), Soham De
  • Data Structures and Algorithms - Rebranded from the earlier Competitive Programming Wing, join us to plan discussions and training events for technical interviews and international programming competitions. Current Leadership: Akshat Singh, Vibodh Nautiyal
  • CS Research - If reading research papers, and learning about new advancements in the field of Computer Science is for you, join the CS Research wing, where we’ll organize reading sessions and conduct independent research on exciting themes. Current Leadership: Manish Rajani (PoC)

Please note, while you are welcome to be a member of as many (or all) of the wings, we would recommend you to opt for leadership in only a single department (keeping in mind your time constraints).

Update: Inductions have conducluded and we’re very happy to welcome a very talented group of people to the core of the CS Society! We wish them the best and look forward to working with them.

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