Tanvi Roy
Tanvi Roy CS Undergrad @ Ashoka

Alumni Connect - S1

Alumni Connect - S1

The Alumni Connect is a series of roundtables organised by the CS Society to bring together current undergraduates and CS Alumni from Ashoka. This is a highly anticipated event, where students get to interact with their seniors, often after years and is also very inspiring for everyone!

The CS alumni panelists for this edition are:

  • Archit Checker is a Software Engineering Fellow at AmuseLabs. While at Ashoka, he interned in CO-Sys and TCPD. He has also interned at Lehigh University, USA.
  • Barun Parruck is a Software Developer at Google. He plays chess, is an accomplished pianist and types very fast. During his UG he also interned at Microsoft which he converted to a PPO.
  • Nishka Dasgupta is a Research Fellow at MSR India, working in SMPC. During her UG days, she has interned at TIFR and NTU, Singapore. She has also been an Outreachy Intern.
  • Preetha Datta is a Software Developer at Groww. Prior to this, she was a ML developer at Ceretai Stockholm and a Research Assistant at Aalto University, Finland. While at Ashoka, she had also interned at Cashfree

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